Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Kerana Aku Bukan Seorang Ustazah" a.k.a. K.A.B.S.U.

My special thnx 2 all readers of :
"Kerana Aku Bukan Seorang Ustazah" a.k.a. K.A.B.S.U.

FACT about K.A.B.S.U:

*On day 2 after i released part 1.8 only on my blog:

36 people likes my story dat link with FB
26 people share it on their FB

Thnx 2 all of you that gave me support since i strt 2 write dis story from part 1.1 til now, prt 1.8
N thnx 4 those who leave their comment on my fb..
Thnx also to all silent readers out there..


Kindly leave ur comment in each part so i cn improved my writing~
4 dat, thnx a lot readers..

~Isha Idiaz~

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