Wednesday, December 8, 2010

7 years of love ~ fazimie

Dis a song lyrics which is sang by kyuhyun super junior that has been translated 2 english..

Feel it n u will cry...

We met for seven years

No one knew we would say goodbye this easily

However we still separated

With the memories we built for a long time, now gone

How did we at such a young age

Meet each other, I don’t even remember how difficult for us to handle the maps of our changing selves

They said saying goodbyes are painful

But I didn’t even have time to feel that

I just thought this is the way staying composed

But I cried, time passed it gave me a simple yearning

Different from what my mind was seeing

At first friends then next as lovers.

We said we’d stay as friends even if we separated

During those 3 years spent alone

We contacted each other sometimes

Even if I met someone else again

Even I loved again

Whenever I was sad I would call you without a word just tears falling

You have to meet a good person

I thought in my heart without any words

I asked if you still liked me without any thought hoping you say it back

I know,

We had the most pure love

Back then we thought that kind of love couldn’t be done again, we saved it in out memories

Often I feel a cold feeling from you

But now I know you can not ask anything

“I’m getting married” is what you said to me

After that for a long time I was speechless

Then I cried they were your last words to me

For the only words I wanted to hear was that you loved me

>> Tribute 2 past love story....

Fazimie is a combination of 2 names dat hv da same feelings..

Yes, it was 7 years of love...

7 years of love dat ends dramatically

Without a word saying gudbye..

Till now, when it cames back 2 me, i'm afraid dat i would fall 4 him again..

>> To whom dat i loved...

Hold me tight..

Or u might lost me when da day he came back 2 me n asked 4 my love..

Coz it is not just a year of love...

But it is 7 years of love.....

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