Monday, December 6, 2010


Kali ni just nk luahkan ape yg terbuku dlm hati ni 4 quite a long time.. Dun know whether dis a gud place utk luahkn sume rse yg tersimpan dlm hati ni @ x..Mungkin terlalu lme simpan sume ni sorg2 n rsenyer x larat la nk simpan lg..

Firstly, dis is dedicated 2 my old best frend Fahmi..

Rsenyer lme sgt x dpt ckp dgn u sjak i duk indon nie.. Terlalu lme smpai i xtau nk mule cte dr mne.. Hampir setahun lbh i x cte pape kat u.. N i felt dat i lost u totally ble xdpt share sume bnde ngan u mcm time i dip dlu.. Yes, u r da 1 dat hear all my prblms time dip dlu x kire la waktu pg ke, tgh hr, ptg, mlm @ pg2 bute.. N u r alwyz b there 4 me when i nid u.. But suddenly u left me alone when i'm here. Do u know it hurts me so much mie? I xtau nk share dgn spe.. Hidup i ssh kat cni n i xtau nk luahkn kat spe.. But it really hurts me.. How could u expect i cn live without u sdgkn all 3 years i spend wit u?? N smpai skrg i xtau npe u mrh i. N u nvr tell me da answer yet mie.. Is it bcoz i x ikut ur advice when u not allowed me 2 come here? U nk protes sbb i x dgr ckp u? I'm tired of all dis mie.. Really.. Even hearing ur voice aftr 1 n a half year cn make me cry without saying anythng on da phone.. Cn u imagine how much it hurts me?? N how much i miss u??

Secondly, 2 da person dat i gave my heart..

Is it not enough 4 u 2 make me sad?? Do i make it 2 easy 4 u 2 hurt me dat much?? I've listened 2 all ur words all dis while.. I nvr lie 2 u.. Not even once.. Cn't u treat me properly at least once?I've suffered all these days since i know u.. Stil, i nvr told u how much it hurts me. How much i cried 4 u all dis time.. Do u know dat i'm missing u all days.. Keep asking myself, wat r u doing ryte now, r u ok, how's ur stdy.. Those question dat will b left without an answer.. N i slept wit all da thoughts of u.. Do u know how much i regret when u told me u hv some1 dat u like?? I'm regret coz i'm not da 1st gurl in ur life. N i cn't forced u 2 love me. Stil i didn't told u coz i dun wnt 2 make u sad.. But, do u ever thnk about my feelings?? Not even once ed... Just a simple wish dat i asked 4, but u cnt make it 4 me.. Dun u thnk u r 2 cruel 2 me??

N lastly 2 all people dat know me outside there..

Does it makes u feel gud when u see i'm sad?? Does it makes u satisfied enough 2 c me suffer?? R u happy enough when know my life is misearable ryte now?? If yes, congrates 2 all of u.. Seems dat all ur wish come true..

>> Allah, please help me to solve all this problems.. Give an end 2 it.. Let me b happy just 4 a while.. Coz i really wnt 2 b happy like othrs out there.. Kpd Mu aku berserah, kpd Mu juga aku meminta pertolongan.. Amin....

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  1. dear... setiap benda jadi ada hikmahnya.. whether we make ourself a better one or much worse one.b a stronger i..i'll pray 4 u. one that hurt you really dont know how to appreciate you well.. and i regret that.. be strong dear.. He is the best company for your life... even whole world hurt you (i wish i will not hurt you even once), I'll pray that all your suffering will be payed double with happiness and love.. until u urself cant remember all the sadness and can heal all the wounds