Sunday, December 26, 2010

~ In the making of KABSU Part1.4 ~

Salam n hye 2 all
Just wanna share smthng that really disturbing my mind dis week
Not a personal problem
But ita about in the making of Kerana Aku Bukan Seorang Ustazah (KATSU) Part 1.4
Try 2 release this part dis week
Its all suck when the ideas come n go when i'm starting 2 write it
N da mood makes all the ideas wash off

2 the main character of "KABSU":

U should help me
Let me know ur feelings
Dis part is ur's
N i guess all part is ur's
Help me 2 understand u

Make a desicion 4 urself
Do understand ur own feelings
Let it all out
Tell me everything that u feel

2 da author of "KABSU":

Spe suh hang crik psl nk tulis cte ni
Kn da ssh ble idea x de
Pdn muke
Skali hilang 2 main character
X ke naye nmenye 2

2 all readers of "KABSU":

Sorry guys..
Really cnt make it dis week..
I'll updated it soon..
Pray 4 me..
I nid ur support 2 make it..
N thnx a lot 4 reading KABSU..

-The End-

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